Hi there, my name is Rebecca!

Some call me a cocktail evangelist.
I call me a human who is passionate about learning, educating, and throwing a darn good party.

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Educator in cocktail disciplines and history.

Hospitality is a love language to me. I absolutely delight in the chance to offer people a journey in party, service, food, and beverage.

I began my career in hospitality over 15 years ago and have been a mixologist and educator since 2014. My career truly began to flourish in NYC where I worked at Barbuto, The Red Cat, Maialino and Dante. In 2018 I moved to San Francisco to help open Bon Voyage! where I was the Bar Manager.

Endless curiosity has been the driver of my passion for education, in both receiving and teaching. Pre-COVID, I taught classes in private clubs in San Francisco and trained bar staff in cocktail history and disciplines. When COIVD shut everything down in 2020, I crafted my virtual cocktail class business and have taught over 400 classes as of March 2021.

I learn from reading, taking online courses, and participating in spirits tasting and education events. I teach virtually and in person.


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